Skyrocket your Income With 35 Done-For-You Printable Packs!

Save time and money with a commercial-use license to a massive inventory of printables!

Let's face it; creating printables for Etsy, Shopify or your own website takes time.

Even if you simplify the designs, you still have to research markets in order to understand what layouts, text-boxes and elements customers want to see on the pages.

But today, you can eliminate the workload by gaining access to this MASSIVE collection of premium printable designs, complete with commercial-use rights! 

35 packages totalling over 125 printable pages!

Now you'll be able to dominate some of the hottest niche markets, including passion-to-profit niches where people will keep purchasing new products from you!


Printable Packs In EVERGREEN Markets!

This massive collection provides you with 35 beautifully-designed printable products, (over 125 pages in total) -  that are ready to sell on Etsy or wherever you choose!

Plus, you'll also receive source files, as well as market-ready PDF versions.

But that's not all: you will also receive a premium commercial-use license to this gorgeous inventory of in-demand products!

This special license allows you to sell personal-rights to these products under your own name and at your own pricing! It's like you spent weeks creating all of these designs yourself, but without lifting a finger!

In addition, all of these printable packages were designed by me so you'll never be able to purchase rights to these professional products from anyone or anywhere else. And it's only available for a limited time.

The packages featured inside of Printable Pirates are all geared towards popular niche markets as well as our PASSION+PROFITS system of uncovering evergreen markets that will make the most money.

This means that these printable kits are designed to sell like wildfire during Q4 but more importantly, ALL YEAR ROUND.

We follow the 80/20 rule when choosing niches.

Why?  Because this is how you make money!


You should always target niches that people are most passionate about where they take a personal interest based on long-term skillssports, personal interest topics and hobbies.

And with your purchase of the Printable Pirates Collection, we'll give you a ton of done-for-you products based on these profitable niches, including all of the following (yeah, it's a lot!)

  • Astronomy Printables (3 color options)
  • Self-Publishing/Authors Printables (9 pages and my favorite niche!)
  • Autism Daily Journal (3 color options)
  • Beauty Planners (6 unique printable pages)
  • Bird Watching (5 color options)
  • Blog Post Planner (6 printable layouts)
  • Boating Logbook (5 page layout)
  • Bowling Score Cards (5 color schemes)
  • Camping Planner (6 color schemes)
  • Comic Book Printables (10 layouts)
  • Daily Duties Printables (5 color schemes)
  • Daily Routine Printables (5 color schemes)
  • Dance Practice Printables (8 color schemes)
  • Exercise Tracker Printables (6 color schemes)
  • Fashion Sketch Pages (10 page layout)
  • Finance Trackers (6 color schemes)
  • Fishing Logbook  (6 color schemes)
  • Gardening Printables (7 color schemes)
  • Guitar Tabs Printables (16 pages)
  • Hiking Logbook (6 color schemes)
  • Medical Logbook (3 color schemes)
  • Monthly Goals Printables (6 color schemes)
  • Music Sheet Printables (8 layouts)
  • Password Trackers (7 color schemes)
  • Photography Printables (7 color schemes)
  • Podcast Planner (6 color schemes)
  • Prayer Journal Printables (14 pages)
  • Project Planners (6 color schemes)
  • Recipe Card Printables (14 pages)
  • Scuba Tracker Printables (4 color schemes)
  • Surfing Logbook (5 color schemes)
  • Travel Planner Printables (12 pages)
  • Vehicle Information Trackers (7 color schemes)
  • Vital Signs Printables (6 color schemes)
  • Yoga Logbook Printables (4 pages)

We also include low content packages for many other evergreen niches that are not only growing in size but are personally very important to a large majority.

These are used every day which means that once they finish using one journal or planner, they'll come back to you for a new one!

Some of these niches include:

  • Autism: Progress & Discovery
  • Vehicle Information Logbook
  • Vital Signs Logbook
  • Prayer & Sermon Journal
  • Medical Logbook
  • Finance Tracker & Management

*Evergreen niches explained: This simply means that the demand continues throughout the year and are not based on season.

So, let's quickly recap everything you'll get:

  • 35 Premium printable products (totalling over 125 pages!)
  • Source Files (PowerPoint, PDF), so you can edit and customize as you wish!
  • Font Directory (all free fonts were used in these designs!)
  • Commercial-Use License

There's no limit to the possibilities with this massive inventory of printables that you can instantly use to fill your shop and skyrocket sales!

To your success,

Kate Riley,

© 2021 Kate Riley, All rights Reserved.